Heart facts for Women

Carol PlumridgeUseful information


Ok ladies here are a few facts about Women and heart disease that I think you should be aware of:

  • Women are equally as likely to be affected by heart disease as men.
  • 50% Women are MORE likely to be misdiagnosed than men when it comes to heart disease.
  • 28,000 women die from a heart attack every year, that’s 77 daily or 3 every hour.
  • There is still the perception that your typical heart attack victim is an overweight male smoker.
  • 3.5 million women are living with heart disease in the UK, the same as men.
  • Women of all ages are affected by heart disease.
  • Oestrogen protects the heart and circulatory system, so post menopausal women’s susceptibility to heart disease and higher cholesterol levels is increased.
  • If you had an early menopause i.e. pre 45 yoa you should have heart health checks (unless you are taking HRT).
  • Coronary heart disease kills twice as many women as breast cancer.
  • Women often don’t present with typical symptoms i.e. the crushing chest pain radiating into the left arm.
  • Women frequently present with fatigue, difficulty sleeping, shortness of breath, indigestion and anxiety.
  • Due to misdiagnosis women wait longer for treatment which can be critical to their survival.

Don’t necessarily assume that your heart is ok, even if you are a non smoker, a normal weight you eat well and exercise.

If you have any concerns go to see your GP or practice nurse, or even go to a local chemist where for a small fee they will check your cholesterol and blood pressure.