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So the exciting news is that I am starting back face-to-face working on Friday 5th June.
As you might expect it is a bit complicated and I am afraid you cannot just book an appointment online at the moment.
I have to pre-screen clients first to (a). check whether a telehealth appointment would be more suitable and (b). the Covid-19 status of yourself and the family who live with you. To pre-screen I will offer free 15 minute appointments, you can either email me here or book in below; where clients are new to me I will take a full case history in this time.
The face-to-face appointments will be booked hourly and last 45 minutes as I need to disinfect and air the room between clients the cost will be £55.00.
Once the appointment is made you will receive an extensive email explaining how the appointment will run, also please scroll to the end as there is a Covid-19 form that you have to complete before I can see you. You will get a follow up Covid-19 status form the day before the appointment and I will recheck on the day when you arrive.
On Friday 4th June I will work from 9-3pm (last appointment 2pm), the following week I will work Monday and Friday the same hours and Wednesday 12-6pm (last appointment 5pm). All appointments will be in Chippenham at present as Patford House surgery is closed.
I will be wearing a disposable apron on top of normal work clothes and a mask. I will be washing my hands to the elbows before and after treatment. I would ask that you wear a mask too, I can provide you with one if necessary.
I have written an infection control and mitigation protocol, that you are welcome to see if you want, just ask!
I will see how everything works and then may be able to extend my hours, plus of course conforming to the government guidelines as they are updated.
I am really sorry but if you are vulnerable, shielding or have vulnerable people in your household I won’t be able to treat you face-to-face at the moment. Telehealth calls will still be available and they are very effective.
I will also have to moderate some of the techniques I use but I will explain that when it comes to treatment.
Once we have had a face-to-face appointment I won’t need to do the screening apart from Covid-19, (which will come in the booking email) as we will have created a plan of action. So we won’t need the 15 minute call beforehand.
For the foreseeable future I will have to make all of the appointments and emailing me will be the best way to keep in touch.
I’m just grateful that I can start treating again, it is going to be odd at first but it will quickly become routine and hopefully easier as restrictions ease.
Finally it will only be me in the practice, the massage therapists cannot start work yet and we will have no reception cover.
So I am looking forward to being able to help you again, any questions please email me and lets get this show on the road!
  Take good care and stay well,