Maternity Package

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I am very happy to be introducing my new Maternity package. Pregnancy is a time of a lot of change to the body in a relatively short time. Happily the female body is designed to manage it, but occasionally a little help is required. Pregnancy is also a great time to help aches and pains which may have been around for some time. The increased hormone levels and softening of the tissues will help the treatment. I have designed the package in three parts, the initial consultation and treatment so we can meet and see what needs to be done. We then have a follow up 30 minute appointment to continue treatment and see what progress is being made (this can be taken before or after the birth).

After the birth we have a 60 minute birth debrief and assessment of how mum is coping plus treatment and post natal exercises.

Osteopathy is a very safe and gentle treatment which is suitable for the pre and post natal period. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss treatment I offer free 15 minute consultations.

I look forward to being able to help you in this exciting time of your life.