How many times should I stretch?

Carol PlumridgeUseful information

 I always give clients exercises to stretch themselves; it is so important to keep moving your body between treatments. It helps to maintain the improvements made during the treatment and gets the client into the habit of exercising. I am always asked “how many times should I do it?”
The most important thing is to get into the habit of exercise, to schedule in the time. I try to make it as easy and do-able as possible. So 5 minutes lying in bed in the morning and/or the same at night. You can lie on the floor but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Especially if you are new to exercise.
I encourage clients to feel what their body needs, so do a few stretches, does it feel good to do some more? Then do it, less? Do that. Would using a massage ball into tight muscle feel good? Do that. Would sitting or standing and stretching feel better? Do that.
The more you can listen to what your body wants the better, plus you get into the habit of listening to your body. Not your chattering, finger wagging competitive mind that quite often leads you astray!  This is also really important when you are tired, how often do you want to rest, have a little snooze? How often do you press on instead? Trying giving into yourself occasionally you’ll feel a lot happier and healthier.
You will feel better for regular stretching/exercise, its just getting into the habit, which will get easier the more you feel the benefits.
This is a lovely stretch for your spine and gluts. You may not be as flexible as this lady, try to keep your shoulder on the floor and twist gently and enough to feel the stretch.

Supine twist

This is a great relaxation pose, if you need a few minutes to destress this will help. This lady has a block under the middle back, don’t use that for just relaxation, let your back gently relax to the surface you are lying on. Don’t force it!

Lying supine to relax