Improving life expectancy

Carol PlumridgeUseful information

The average life expectancy is rising and like vintage cars we need to take more care of ourselves. I have long observed that the healthiest elderly clients eat well, keep socially engaged and interested in the wider world and exercise regularly.


Muscle can start to weaken in the 60’s this is the time to either start to get active or maintain activity. Walking, gardening, Pilates, Yoga, Tai chi, Chi Gong, swimming or aqua fit, cycling are all great ways to maintain muscle mass and strength.

The other bonus is that increased muscle bulk will raise your metabolic rate, so even when you are resting you burn more calories. The new muscle will contain new mitochondria ( the energy burners) so you will burn calories more efficiently. You also lower your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

People often worry about whether they will be damaging themselves by exercising, especially if they already have aches and pains. The answer is that it is unlikely, you may feel a little sore but as long as you are mindful and stop when you feel you have had enough, plus stretch out your muscles all will be well.

Finally I believe that more is more, think about exercising  a minimum of 3-4 x a week.


  1. More energy – great for enjoying life with the grandchildren.
  2. Improved sleep.
  3. Better strength and flexibility.
  4. Easier to maintain weight.
  5. Potential lower blooded pressure and reduced diabetes risk.
  6. Being able to take care of yourself at home.