Being Sensible sigh!

Carol PlumridgeUseful information

Do you get those days/weeks where everything goes to pot? When all your good sensible intentions desert you. Your exercise routine gets disrupted, you come home from work and just don’t feel like cooking. So you have some hummous, then some toast, cheese, biscuits, chocolate. Probably washed down with coffee, wine or beer.
How do you feel afterwards? Not great I would guess.
Sometimes these funny five minutes come after a period of stress or illness; sometimes if you are feeling a bit low mentally and you cannot be bothered to do what you know is sensible and right.
So how do you feel after theses bouts?
Tired? More fed up? Irritable? Bloated/constipated? Lethargic? Cross with yourself? Regular good food and exercise have far reaching consequences on your sleep patterns, mood, digestion, nutrition and joie de vivre.
The regular activities of our days are really important; eating,sleeping and exercise they keep us grounded and well. This is both physically and mentally. It is really easy to lose the plot mentally if your body is not being fed and watered properly or gently exercised.
The same applies if you are racing around and not getting enough downtime, you become ungrounded and unstable, sleep can be affected. This will have an effect on your ability to function effectively.
So try to be sensible most of the time, keep grounded eat properly at regular times, don’t watch late night t.v (mostly its rubbish!) go to bed! Take some exercise, look for opportunities to walk or swim. Whatever you like doing, getting out into nature is also really therapeutic it slows and calms you down.
Invest in yourself, the number of people that tell me that they don’t have time, its not time its priority and who is the most important person? YOU.
Would you like further inspiration and help? Have a look here at the One You website for advice and guidance given by the NHS.