Are you close to the edge?

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How close to the edge are you?

Clients often say to me that their symptoms have appeared suddenly and they don’t understand why.

It feels as if they have suddenly gone over the edge and I think that is a good analogy.

So what happens when you go over the edge?

In a day-to-day way we don’t know how close to the edge we are. This can be physically or emotionally; we cope and get on with what we have to do.

But what coping strategies do we engage? Has the pressure of work meant that we have stopped exercising regularly? Have you ever exercised at all? Has our smoking or drinking accelerated recently? Do we eat regularly and have a well balanced diet?

How peacefully do you sleep?

Then there are the physical patterns and compensations we make. If you have one leg shorter than the other (more common than you think), your spine will probably develop curves in it, this is to keep your ears and eyes level, because that is how they work best.

Over time the muscles creating this compensation get tired or over strained and can start to cause pain. This may creep up gradually, or you may have engaged in a different activity, which has demanded more from you and your muscles will start to complain.

You may have an on-going stressful situation either at home or work which isn’t resolving, this will cause different patterns of muscular tension, which eventually become chronic and painful.

How good is your general health? Do you have a chronic condition i.e. asthma, diabetes? These will compromise your body’s ability to recover.

Treatment can pull you back from the brink, by assessing what is going wrong, looking to see why the problem is being maintained and then formulating a treatment and stretching plan symptoms will improve.

If the maintaining factors are things that cannot necessarily be resolved treatment will aid your ability to deal with them. Give you a bit more flexibility and freedom; pulling you back from the edge!

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Walking on the edge