Silver Linings

Carol PlumridgeUncategorized

I think we can all agree that 2020 has not been the greatest year and from conversations I have been having everyone is fed up with it all. Obviously coming into Winter doesn’t help and the constant debates about Xmas are unsettling. Everyone needs something to look forward to but I guess we all feel hamstrung by the confused rules and regulations.

I have been trying to think what could be a positive out of all of this chaos, as turmoil is a great time for change and growth. As Rhett Butler observed in Gone with the Wind there is opportunity in both the fall and growth of empires.
One plus is that we have had to slow down and think about our actions, because we cannot jump on a plane or train, have a last minute holiday or even a last minute meal out. We have to balance our desire to go out and be sociable with a risk assessment as to whether it is the sensible thing to do, plus whether we can get a table anywhere. This can lead to frustration but also to looking elsewhere for distraction; it’s a great time for counting blessings, catching up with films, books and calls to long neglected friends. 

Another big plus is that we have got very used to having our own way, we have been led to believe that we are masters of our destiny. Not just social media this time, but magazines, lifestyle coaches and advertising you can have the life you want, that career, sofa, haircut, look. There are any number of people out there firstly posting their “amazing life” all over social media or any number of companies telling you if you have this or that look either personally or in your home, life will be wonderful. Also you can order it NOW with one click of a button. Or monetising your hobby, having something you post online going viral, global fame and fortune. This is very far from most people’s reality and I think this pandemic may have burst a lot of balloons.

The good thing is that it is happening to everybody so it is harder to feel victimised when all your friends are in the same boat.
I am not underestimating the effect of unemployment and national debt, especially on the young. Or the rising divorce, depression and domestic violence rates. We have tough years ahead but we do need to reel our aspirations in a bit and focus on what we really need and want.
In the first instance let us try to be kind to ourselves and each other; it doesn’t cost anything. Be the first to smile, start a conversation offer a helping hand. With our more limited choices we could find out what is truly valuable.

Be still and know!