One small step for man…

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New moon

One small step for man ….

It’s 50 years since the first moon landing and what an incredible achievement it was given the limited technology they had then. I would recommend watching the films Hidden Figures or The First Man as it really gives you a flavour of how basic things were at that time. 
It started me thinking about what we can achieve and why we often don’t; quite often the reason is that we don’t have a goal. What are we trying to do? Someone at some time looked at the moon and thought “Could we get there?” They probably went to lie down in a darkened room afterwards overwhelmed with the scale of the undertaking, but the goal had been identified.

I see a lot of people expending a lot of time and energy on standing still, I do it myself. 

We feel vaguely discontented about something, possibly something in our life isn’t really working well and we are paralysed by inaction not really knowing what to do about it. We want to feel better, find some energy and DO Something, but what?
The first thing to identify is what is your goal? What do I want? Where/what does the discontent emanate from? Having identified that how do you want things to be different, what is your ideal objective? Be really focussed on one thing, notice how you feel as you are pondering this, wait for the sense of lightness or uplift. Then you will know you are heading in the right direction, it’s really important to follow the feeling. If making changes or heading for a particular goal feels like pushing a rock up a hill it’s probably not the right goal at the moment. 
Identifying a goal you may think that you are limiting your options, well you are but you stand a much better chance to achieving what you want if you focus on one thing at a time. It also makes life so much easier. For example with my garden I decided a few years ago on a colour scheme, last year I decided on perennials only. Two limiting factors, aim to have a garden that grows and develops over time without me wasting money on annuals every year and having to make decisions about colours. Liberation!
Once you have your goal it can be quite helpful to put a picture of it up somewhere that you’ll see it regularly, or write a list and pin it up. Every time you see it your brain will start to work on ways for you to achieve it. Once you have your goal the path to it will become more obvious, what do I need to do and in what order?
Have a time span, give yourself milestones. There can be resistance to milestones, supposing I don’t achieve them? Well, supposing you don’t? I am willing to bet you’ll be nearer your goal, maybe you need to rethink your milestones. Do not give yourself a hard time, look for the positives and encourage yourself. Tell friends what you are doing make yourself accountable, update them with your progress.
Goals, boundaries and structure can give us direction, think about a mountain stream, narrow boundaries fast flow, then think about a pond, big boundary little movement.

Overall, remember that a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.
Good luck with your goals and dreams, it will be an exciting journey.