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Not Drowning but Waving

We’ve all had those times when life gets really choppy. There you are just bobbing along and suddenly hurricane Irma comes along and starts to hurl you about. This may be bullying, difficult work challenges, facing illness, unexpected bills, accidents or upsets in the family….add your own!

How can we navigate these issues? I find it really helpful to remember that the waves are on the surface of the ocean, but underneath everything is serene, there maybe currents but no choppiness. This is not to trivialise problems that we face, but to find a calm place inside yourself to help weather the storm.

So how to achieve that calm space?
Firstly maintain your regular habits, especially eating, sleeping and exercise. When we get storm tossed it’s really easy to stop looking after ourselves properly; this then agitates us more. We add physiological agitation to the mental worry; then sleeping goes pear shaped, we get tired and start making bad decisions and/or interpreting situations wrongly.

Look after yourself
Regular eating fills us in several ways, cooking can be soothing, pay attention to what you want to eat, try not to eat on the run; sit even if it’s only five minutes. If you have a regular exercise habit, don’t stop, exercise is stress busting and time for you. Be disciplined about shutting off from work, try not to take it home with you, don’t be tempted to check your emails just one more time. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, no screen time at least 30 minutes before bed and a cool room (temperature not style!)

Be aware that the calm space does exist inside of you, if you meditate it will help you to connect with it.
Need a 10 second calm? Notice your feet on the floor, or your bottom on the chair plus a deep breath or two it will help.

How can Osteopathic treatment can help you?
Osteopathic treatment will help you to reconnect with that still core. We work on the spine, the container for the spinal cord and your fright and flight system. Treatment helps to soothe you, plus it’s time for you to get your bearings. Take care of yourself and the waves won’t swamp you.