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Life Audit

Have you ever sat down and really considered your life? Are you doing what you want to do? Are you able to?
Do you kid yourself about things? My personal one is “oh yes I eat really well” When I looked back at the week there were quite a lot of ready meals……..
I have a close family member who has recently had a cancer diagnosis and this has really made me think, what is life about? Do we have a “right” to expect happiness, probably not. We are told how to be a proper family, what to think, eat, feel, do, earn, Then there is the constant advertising bombardment with stuff that will make us happy, allegedly. Images of people, nobody old, grumpy, disabled, poor, just a sanitised western capitalist version of life.
This sets us up to fail, I don’t earn x, my family don’t talk to each other, I don’t have every latest gadget or flash car. Their must be something wrong with me. But do you really want it? What do you want?
I think there is a lot written about how you can make your life wonderful, which can also be a pressure and you can end up feeling a failure if you don’t succeed. I do think that by having a good look at your life and seeing what does and doesn’t feel right is helpful. Is it possible to make small changes that will make things easier, maybe not 100% but going in the right direction?
Good health underpins so much, to have agency, to be able to go out for a walk, pick up the phone and talk to a friend, read a book, choose what you want to eat, have an imperfect family (to be honest who has a perfect one?) These things are important to me, what is important to you?