Loving Technology? Or not?

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Telegraph wires, loving technology?

Loving Technology?

I have just spent about an hour trying to get this picture downloaded onto this blog. Why? you may ask; well I am going to hold Apple entirely responsible for all of this grief (it is also happening when I try to upload photos on Facebook).

Like a good citizen I upgraded to the latest operating system, marvellous so far so good. Except that I now cannot access my photos unless I upgrade the app (I don’t really know what I am talking about….). Anyway that particular app is not available in the UK. Why do they do this and when will the ends join up? After an hour of tearing out my hair I managed to do what normally takes 2 minutes.
I will let you into a further secret, this is the most last minute blog I have ever written so I was desperate to get it written and posted today.
Originally going to write about procrastination, as I can procrastinate for England (or the UK) and here is a good reason not to; if you put things off too long you may come up against things that you weren’t prepared for and you now haven’t got the time to fix.

At Xmas I was supposed to be visiting my son and daughter in law* I was procrastinating because I wanted to see them, but they live in London. I knew it really wasn’t a good idea. Then Boris made the decision for me, it was like a load had lifted off me. The next day I had so much energy, I felt free because the burden of the doubt had been lifted. Yes, I was disappointed at not being able to see them, but as every social thing I had arranged pre Xmas had been cancelled I was becoming used to it.

Joe then arranged for my Xmas presents to be delivered by DPD** who offer a door to door service, so I decided to do the same. By some miracle (when technology worked) they delivered my parcel to me and at the same time picked up the parcel to go to him! I was amazed and everything arrived safely.
On the big day we had a WhatsApp call and opened presents together and had a quiz via Google which had a few tricky technology moments. But we were all able to have some time together.
So the jury is out on the technology front, it can be amazing keeping us connected virtually when we cannot physically see each other. It can be the most annoying thing in the universe and bring back pen and paper. The jury is out as far as I am concerned.

On the procrastination front, don’t! When you are procrastinating you know what you really want to do; just implement your decision and free yourself up to get on with it.

*(well almost – their wedding has been cancelled like most things in this past year)
** Don’t take any notice of their exhaustive prohibited list which includes chocolate!