Keep your eyes on your paper.

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Keep your eyes on your own paper

Thank you to James Clear for the idea for this months musings. 

It isn’t up to us to judge what we do or offer or worry about what anyone else thinks about our work or actions. Someone else’s perception of what you do is a result of their own experiences (which are out of your control), their preferences and their own expectations (which you don’t set). You also don’t need to look or judge yourself against what others are doing.

You are totally unique (unless you are an identical twin), even then identical twins have unique experiences. If you didn’t offer your work to the world; then nothing like it will ever be seen and would be lost to us all.
You need make no judgement of how good or bad or worthy or unworthy it is. It just is; in all its glory warts and all.

Also we are terrible judges of things, especially our own things we have no idea what will or will not resonate with anyone. We also won’t understand why certain things do or don’t land as it were. This is because the each other person is unique and will respond in different ways. This should be no barrier to your offerings. Also there is no need to copy anyone else because this is your life, your journey, your unique stamp on this world. Keep your eyes on your own paper!

Your work/actions will add something to the world, you may not see the beauty of the contribution, like looking at the back of a carpet and seeing the knots rather than the pattern on the front.
The more you express your unique ‘youness’ the more you will shine. Life will flow and you will be fuelled by a seemingly limitless energy.

What do you have to fear?

The world isn’t served by you hiding but, “shining from shook foil”. To quote Gerad Manley Hopkins
“Myself it speaks and spells, Crying What I do is me: for that I came”