Why did I become an Osteopath?

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Why did I become an osteopath?
As with many things it was chance. In 1976 a friend and I went out one Friday night to a disco (translated club!). We bumped into an ex boyfriend of hers called Jamie Taylor. He was studying Osteopathy; I can remember sitting talking to him about it for ages.
I then found out more about the courses,(how? there was no internet then). There were two schools at that time and I applied and was accepted into the British School of Osteopathy. I started training in September 1976 and graduated on Independence Day in 1980.
I had wanted to do something medical or teach; I didn’t have the A level grades to study for medicine. Osteopathy was a great option, as it combines anatomy,physiology, pathology with palpation (feeling the tissues). It is such a great career. I have also taught at both undergraduate and post graduate level. So all boxes ticked.
Oddly I have never come across Jamie Taylor since, our paths nearly crossed once when I was teaching. So I owe him a great debt of gratitude, great career sorted!