Fire Works

Carol PlumridgeUncategorized

Exploding firework

Bonfire night is upon us and it’s a magical evening, with its roots and rituals reaching back into antiquity, there is something very compelling about fire.
Going out into the dark chilly night, wrapped up with scarves, hats and gloves, feeling the bite of cold on your face and joining the throng of others heading for the bonfire.
The beautiful bonfire its flames splitting the night, the warmth and colour drawing you in; the wood spits and crackles its fragrant smell assaults your senses.
The anticipation building up, waiting for that first thud of the firework being launched; seeing the sudden explosion of colour against the velvet dark sky. A radiant synthesis of colour, light and sound orchestrated into a painting, each colour and explosion more beautiful than the last.
Look around you at the rapture on the upturned faces beside you; both young and old, the anticipation, a slight fearfulness and awe, it touches us all at a deep primitive level.
All of this wonder and excitement produced by a box of chemicals and a spark of ignition, alchemy by any other name. 
But it is only one evening a year, how do we carry that spark and ignition into the rest of our lives?
What else gives you that feeling, what sparks you off? What makes you light up? Is there something you love, that you spend time planning to do, like building your bonfire. 
What is the ignition? It could be anything, planning a holiday, building a model railway, knitting a jumper. Getting all the housework done so you have time to read your book.
Listen to how you talk to others about things, when you really love or enjoy something you will be animated and lively when you talk about it, ideas will explode in you; the words will flow. You become a firework display; it’s a wonderful thing to both feel and witness. Watch people who are really passionate when talking about something, you can bathe in their glow, you are drawn to them as they are as compelling as that beautiful bonfire. 
Where is your warmth and spark? Let it shine out and warm everyone around you, I promise you’ll feels great and so will everyone else.