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Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise

Winter! How does it make you feel? Does it make your heart sink or feel exhilarated? Are you one of the millions who suffer some degree of SAD syndrome?

Winter gloom is characterised by an inability to look outwards; you get pulled into what is happening inside yourself. Which isn’t always the happiest place to be, it can all look a bit dark and small. This isn’t helped at all by what is going on outside, darker mornings and nights, cold, clouds and rain. It can feel like living in a cave.

When you feel a bit low it is important to get yourself moving, you may not feel like it, but you will reap the benefits. The rewards come after the action. So wrap yourself up and get outside and look around you.

Winter is so beautiful, the skeletal shapes of the trees, really look at the different forms. You will see old abandoned nests in the trees and also it is a lot easier to see the birds in the trees, especially the little shy ones.

The hedgerows are fabulous and they change all the time, the colours are not just brown, but range through red, pink, purple, black and orange. Notice the berries and hips, the travellers joy which looks like snow drifts on the hedges.

The fields are a deep rich brown, with the fuzz of brilliant green winter wheat, growing and developing in this cold time.

Listen to the bird song, it’s really clear and vibrant at the moment, notice the sky. The colours are pale and subtle, beautiful pinks and blues in the morning and evening. The fantastically shaped clouds which race across the sky changing the skyscape constantly.

Wrap up warm and feel the cold, that zingy, tingling feeling that makes you feel awake and alive, enjoy the sensation. Also enjoy the contrast when you come home into the warmth, that feels like a hug. You will feel braced and alive.

What other season can give you so much?