What’s filling your bucket? Why do you have symptoms?

Carol PlumridgeThoughts

Water drop

Drop of water falling.

Then your bucket overflows…..

People come to me with problems and they not unreasonably always want to know why? How is it that picking up that piece of paper caused my back to spasm?
Why when I was doing so well, things went back to square 1?
I got the ‘flu and now everything hurts; I’m just not getting better.
It’s human nature to want THE solution, the magic bullet, if I just do this everything will pop back into shape.
I use the drops in a bucket analogy, each drop is quite small, but if you get enough of them eventually the bucket will overflow.
I’m not exercising as much, drop, I’ve had to drive more this month, drop, I’m not sleeping too well, drop, I’m worried about my child, drop, a family member is ill, drop, I’ve put weight on, drop, I’m menopausal, (quite a big) drop, my boss is putting the pressure on, drop, my diet isn’t great, drop, I’m sad/depressed/anxious, drop, I picked up a heavy bag, drop, I twisted awkwardly drop, I fell over the cat, drop.

Eventually you get too many little drops and this can cause your bucket to overflow and this is when symptoms develop.
Also think about the long term things, how full was your bucket to start with? How long is it since you exercised regularly? Could your diet do with an overhaul, do you sit too much? Are you a bit depressed? All these things contribute to your health and wellbeing and ability to recover.
During treatment we try to discover what else can be done to get you pain free and to really empty your bucket a bit and help you towards better health.
If I can do anything to help you empty your bucket a little please give me a call. Remember I offer free 15 minute appointments where we can talk about whether Osteopathy is the right approach for you.