Valuing Vocations – going the extra mile.

Carol PlumridgeThoughts


Caring for a baby

Despite falling church congregations the applications to train for the ministry are at an all time high. People from all walks of life from doctors to politicians are learning how to provide help and solace to the public.
We need people with vocations, not just in the Christian sense; people willing to go the extra mile for someone. Can you think of a really inspirational teacher you had at school? Or a doctor who went to great lengths to help you?
How about emergency service workers, vets, midwives, counsellors, even accountants or bank managers?
Think how it feels when you meet someone like this, who is filled with their profession and it overflows to you. Someone who doesn’t clock watch, or measure out their time and help.
You feel met and heard and helped. Teachers may have inspired a love of something in you that lasts a lifetime.
The sad thing is that in this tick box society human interaction is being shortened (ask any community nurse or care worker), or codified, so that many good workers cannot work like this and leave. Or worse still care delivered by artificial intelligence based on an algorithm.
A recent international study concluded that patients who see the same GP regularly have a 50% chance of a longer life. The summary concluded that the importance of human interaction may have been overlooked. Being heard by someone who cares.
At least it’s been recognised, we need to value and cherish people prepared to go the extra mile, they are very good for our health!