True Grit: Needed to make pearls

Carol PlumridgeThoughts

Pearl in oyster

Pearl in an oyster

Technology is developing at a breathtaking pace and we can now access any number of services online, use various different apps in order to make our lives smoother, more convenient and to save time.
For what? Research shows that we seem to save time to work more. The lines between work and home are blurring, we can answer work emails on the beach and order our shopping whilst at work.
We don’t seem to be having more quality time, in fact we seem to feel more stressed and harassed and we are always contactable.
There are also some less comfortable results of increased convenience, 24 hour pizza delivery for example, your delivery person may be part of the gig economy with less worker rights and job security than most.
Secondly think about using your mobile phone, how many phone numbers can you remember now? We are losing skills that we had.
We need friction and difficulty, we feel better when we have made some effort to achieve something. The planning, executing and attaining something plus the feelings of achievement are good for us.
All this technology is infantilising, do you really want to stay in your house, have food delivered at the touch of a button, have a disembodied electronic voice reminding you what to do and when? I see a lot of people who are sitting too much, it has a bad effect on backs.
We have brains and bodies which like to be used, hence the development of technology. It is amazing what can be done, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we should necessarily be using all of it all of the time.
Striving develops our courage and resilience it strengthens and sustains us keeps our bodies and minds working well.
Use you own amazing technology i.e. your body, to strive and reach, don’t always look for the easiest path.
Remember that the irritation of the grit in the oyster produces the pearls.