Threats and Opportunities

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Threats and Opportunities
So how does it feel to be living in interesting times? The trouble is it isn’t like being in a book where you get to find out the ending, we are just stumbling along trying to make some sense of everything. I have heard one or two bizarre theories as to why? One of which is the earth Gaia fighting back, it will be interesting to see the effect on the environment of us not travelling  so much. Apparently you can see the sky in China at the moment, that must be a novelty.
Like you, I have heard examples of great community minded behaviour, the GP practice that goes and dances in their car park daily, for their fitness and to entertain the residents of the care home next door.The flood of creativity that has been unleashed with funny songs, video’s etc.
Then there is the less edifying, company directors trying to make the most of the governments handouts, people abusing NHS and shop workers. Fear makes people behave in very odd ways. 
So the threats are obvious, the disease itself, the isolation, we are social creatures, the probability of increased levels of anxiety and depression. Imagine if you are isolated within an abusive relationship or you are not into technology and cannot make the most of the flood of online offerings?
Sorry to be depressing, but all of this has really made me think about people’s lives and I am very mindful of how lucky I am and I feel gratitude hourly and daily.So what about the opportunities? We have a golden opportunity to reflect on our health, our well-being and life in general. It is as if something has turned off the external noise, the shouting has stopped, the hum and clatter of every day living has been muted if not silenced.
This may not be entirely comfortable, especially if we have used the noise to stop ourselves hearing the truth about ourselves or our lives. But it may also be the moment when you realise, this is fantastic or this is intolerable and you have the space and time to act on it.You have the time to breathe and reflect.The first part of any change is to recognise what is happening, you don’t have to do anything more, just welcome in the recognition. Even if it scares you, feel the fear breathe into it, give yourself the space to reflect. We are unable rush into anything at the moment and like alchemy the process has started and all we need to do is embrace it and see what happens.
Who knows what the results of this social isolation are going to be both globally and individually? But there will be change and it is the most perfect opportunity to recognise it, embrace it and be allow yourself to be transformed. 
He’s undergone a complete sea change 
And become something rich and strange.
Shakespeare The Tempest.
April 2020