Re-arranging the furniture.

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Re-arranging the furniture
One of the things about lockdown it has given those of us not working time to reflect and consider life, the universe and everything. I have had plenty of time to contemplate what does and does not work in my life. You know when your computer memory is too full and the computer function becomes very slow. It’s because the system has to wade through loads of junk to find what it needs.
Ring any bells?
I want somewhere to set up a table and paint or sew; where I can leave everything out and come back at leisure. I don’t have enough room. I’ve been thinking about a garden room; but at this present moment probably too large a project.
Then, brain wave, bed in spare bedroom rarely used, get rid of it! So I did. I now have a lovely room ready to start being creative in (the Sewing Bee has a lot to answer for!)
Being in the house more I was able to see where the blocks were and with time come up with a solution. Also having got rid of one obstacle I can see solutions to other niggles i.e the under-stairs cupboard situation (don’t ask).
I have created a bit more space both literally and mentally and now I have room to manoeuvre and I am finding solutions more readily. I am also getting on with everything at a speed that astonishes me, I am usually such a procrastinator. So where are your blocks and obstacles, is it time to get rid of that uncomfortable chair or change your working patterns?
Reflect on what is niggling at you and let it percolate a bit and see what creative solutions lurk, you will be pleasantly surprised I can guarantee that.