Weaving the threads of life: creating our own unique pattern.

Carol PlumridgeThoughts

Weaving patterns

As some of you may have guessed I have started learning how to weave; it began with a bookmark weaving workshop last October and has rather escalated from there. I have always loved yarn but it is the colour and texture that really appeals and weaving is a satisfying way of scratching that itch. Also weaving (and yarn) is a great metaphor for life…..

In Ancient Greece the Fates or Moira (meaning portion in life, lot or destiny) were three sisters Clotho (the spinner associated with birth), Lachesis (allotter; weaving out the events of our life) and Atropos (the un-turnable; associated with lifespan and death). 

As you may imagine I see all sorts of people, different ages, states of health, different thoughts, ideas, concerns, beliefs, family histories, patterns and incidents of injury or surgery. We all bring our own unique stories with us which manifest in different patterns and designs.

Part of my work is to try to see the pattern; for example a client I saw recently all of the females in the family develop back issues. Why? Is there something genetic, is it part of an expectation that it will happen? Yes, this is possible, I am making no judgements here; the unconscious mind is very powerful and sometimes does odd things.
To stretch the analogy further you could say that your genes and also the ideas you are exposed to when you are young are the warp threads (the vertical thread), the basis of the weave. What happens subsequently, accidents, surgeries, experiences and new learnings are the weft (the horizontal thread). Some patterns are even and regular; but supposing something major or catastrophic happens in your life? This will totally change your pattern; like people who lose limbs and become para-athletes; people who develop ME or MS and have to totally readjust to a new way of being. Bringing both opportunities and challenges.

Another  thing to consider is the thread; I recently bought some very cheap acrylic yarn which is quite brightly coloured (not very subtle) but also unravels quite readily. Are you a fine lace weight cashmere or a sturdy (maybe itchy) aran? What colour are you predominantly; I guess ultimately we are all a blend; if you were a scarf how would you look?
Ultimately we are all a beautiful unique weave and a product of all that has gone before; every thought, choice, action and interaction shapes us. We may think that we cannot change our patterns but we can, even down to our genes. Our thoughts and actions can have an effect on which genes manifest and which don’t. We also can affect our telomere length which has great benefits for good aging.

So let your unique pattern manifest in all its glory,
and don’t shrink yourself in a boil wash!