In the deep midwinter; thinking about the future.

Carol PlumridgeThoughts

Thoughts of the Future

Happy New Year; I hope you all had a peaceful and Happy Xmas.

It’s an odd time of year, quiet and still outwardly very little happening, but what lies underneath? How many of you have planted bulbs? It is an act of faith and is such a pleasure when your work comes to fruition in the spring. I have shamelessly copied the idea of a neighbour who had pots stuffed with tulips in her front garden last year; it’s a hope for the future when you are planting in November.
The depths of winter are so still and silent; but beneath the surface life is going on and we have to slow down and embrace the silence.
We may not have frosty mornings, but the mist and brown of the countryside is very lovely, everything pared back, look at the skeletal tree shapes, beautiful.
It is also very soothing, I’ll bet you are making plans for the future, that is what winter is for, being still and contemplating. We gather ourselves together and consider the oncoming year, saving our energy for the rush of spring and sap rising, but not yet.
We may hate the winter dark and cold, but we need it to restore ourselves, to pause and reflect on the right actions for the future.

The pleasures of a warm house and hearty food, sinking into bed and restorative sleep, what is not to like?

The sap will rise again, it always does and we will feel its power and drive, the bulbs will germinate and throw up the flowers and life will rush and tumble again.

But not yet, not quite yet.

Don’t rush and strain for the future, it will come and the plans and ideas we have contemplated will emerge at the right time and in the right way. For now sit and dream a little and plant those future plans.

Have a very Happy and Peaceful 2022