Happy New Year

Carol PlumridgeThoughts

The sun in a dark sky seen from earth.

What do we mean by Happy New Year? We say it often enough and it is important to wish people happiness. Do you wish yourself happiness, what would it take for you to truly have a Happy New Year? Not just January 1st but the year of 2020 and beyond? 
It’s quite easy to randomly think I’d like more money, holidays, chocolate, but it is worth properly considering what would make you happy.
Think about a time when you were happy, how did it make you feel physically? For me I get a warmth in my chest and around my heart, like something blossoming. It’s a very comforting feeling. So now I notice when I get that feeling and pay attention to what has created it. Being with family does it for me as does coming up with the perfect present for a loved one, its great when you have really get the right thing.
So why bother? Happiness  has some very specific and positive benefits. Happy people are more productive at work and tend to earn more.. Happy people live longer and have better immune function and also less stress and depression. Happiness is a good predictor of a lower heart rate and blood pressure and also pain relief. Happy people have more fulfilling relationships and more friends; are more creative, generous and can see the bigger picture. Thinking about something happy before starting a task will result in better outcomes. Happiness breeds happiness and makes life run very much more smoothly.
Sacrificing happiness for success will result in less success, capitalise on happiness it will bring many rewards.
It’s so much nicer to be around happy people, it’s the ripple effect, try not smiling back when someone smiles at you, it’s almost impossible.
We owe it to ourselves and everyone around us to be as happy as possible, take positives from small things, write a gratitude diary every day and be thankful for life it’s a fantastic thing.
So this New Year’s Day consider what makes you glowingly, radiantly happy and give yourself loads of it.