Feeling a bit Grinchy

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Xmas Grinch

Let me say from the outset that I am not anti Christmas. It is a high point in the Christian calendar and a great time to be with family and friends (if that is what you want to do).

What I find increasingly irritating is the media/retail version of Xmas.

The endless TV programmes about cooking the same meal ‘with a twist’; the filling up your freezer for all those unexpected folk who are going to drop by. Black/blue/yellow Xmas trees, this year’s must have decorations. Don’t get me started on Christmas jumpers (check out Morrison’s Nutmeg range ad… I rest my case). Then there is this year’s must have toy and the scramble to buy it, or this years Xmas idiocy for the children. Naughty elves…as if you haven’t got enough to do.
Pity the poor women I met one Xmas eve (at 7am queuing up to collect a turkey; it was still dark outside) who couldn’t get any cloves, (probably a Nigella recipe and they sold out in September). I had the distinct impression that her Christmas was going to be ruined.

The predictable gifts for him and her it’s all so well, predictable.

Enough of the whinging; Be comforted by the fact that when I ask clients “How was Xmas?” to a man they say “Quiet”. If you are feeling a bit Billy no mates because no-one has unexpectedly called in, don’t worry it only happens in media land.

What I hope for you all is that you have the Christmas that you want, not the Christmas you areĀ persuaded into by the media. That you enjoy time with your family if that is what you want, or alone or away if that is your choice. That you don’t get stressed and harassed in the run up and you are not too frazzled to enjoy the big day!

Have a very Happy Christmas enjoy it the way you want.