Excellence or Genius

Carol PlumridgeThoughts

This newsletter has been inspired by two people, Calvin from Simplero (an online platform whiz) and the late Wayne Dyer whose most famous book was Your Erroneous Zones.

What is your work or what was it if you are retired? How would you introduce yourself, hello I am a ….

By the way have you ever tried to talk to someone about who you are and not tell them what you do? It’s not easy, we frequently define ourselves with our work. How long have you done that work (whether paid for or not)? I’ll bet you are really good at it, it’s your zone of excellence, you could do it in your sleep. If you get paid it brings in the money, friends and family love you for it, it defines you, gives you a purpose and status, happy days. 

Does it also give you grief and stress, do you wake up looking forward to your day, or do you feel drained or overwhelmed by it?

Is there a very small voice saying “is this it”?

Do you feel that this isn’t what you are on this earth for, do you have a huge/large/medium/small dream that nags at you in the early hours of the morning. Something that fills you up and doesn’t feel like work, something you could do and feel totally fuelled by it, something that would make this world a better place? 

Welcome to your zone of genius.

Are you lucky enough to be in the genius zone already? When you are in the zone life flows, ‘coincidences’ happen, you meet the right people at the right time unexpectedly wonderful things come to you. Life is great.
Think about what you do, it will have a title or a definition, but IS it what you do?
For example you may work in a shop, overtly selling things (zone of excellence) but do you know your customers and ask them about their lives, make their day? (zone of genius).
Overtly, my work is to help people with pain and dysfunction (zone of excellence) but my real passion is the facilitating and witnessing of transformation in my clients lives (zone of genius). To see someone struggling with something (and the pain and disability are part of that) and helping them towards a smoother path is what fuels me.
If your zone of excellence isn’t connecting with your zone of genius it may be time to consider what your zone of genius is and make steps towards it.
When you contact your zone of genius life really does flow more freely and sweetly; and yes we all have this desire within us. We are all here to contribute to and enhance this world we live in.

So what is your purpose in this life are you in the zone?