Digesting your life.

Carol PlumridgeThoughts

Composting vegetables

Have you every considered that you are like a compost heap? No, why would you? Well, possibly when you are sorting through the linen basket!
Think back to events in your life, both happy and sad, exciting and difficult; how do you feel about them now? Have they changed the way you approach things, did you change your life completely?
Have you ever had a difficult neighbour or a partner who diminished you in some way, did you get away?
Try to remember who you were at the time and how you found the courage to move.
Remember how you felt when you met the love of your life, your children were born, or you found a long lost relative. Can you contact that feeling now, or has it translated into something new?
Time is a great processor, it can help you gain some perspective on events in your life and it may well transform the emotions felt at the time.
A good compost heap is made of a great mix of ingredients, which are left to rot down and aerated from time to time.
Aeration can be translated into reflecting on events, how do I feel about things that happened, people I have known and either loved or hated. The great mix are all the different elements that make up your life; the more elements the richer the mixture.
To stretch the analogy a little further what kind of compost do you want to make? A life full of joys and sorrows, fully lived and engaged with, reflected on and learnt from is a beautiful thing. You can be a great inspiration for those around you.
Don’t be afraid to engage with your life, just take it on in all its variety and see what you become, I guarantee you will be something rich and strange.

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