All I want for Christmas

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All I want for Christmas

I have found all of the media hysteria about Xmas quite irritating to put it mildly; there will be no turkeys or pigs in blankets; no plastic rubbish to put into children’s stockings.
Xmas will be ruined….really? We only need to think back to last year when we would have been grateful to have shared Xmas with our families and friends.
While I am on a rant every year we get food programmes telling us to fill up the freezer for all of those unexpected visitors that are going to drop in. 

No, they are not, it doesn’t happen.

The trouble is that if you believe the hype and no-one comes you could feel quite despondent. There is the media version of Xmas, happy smiling faces, presents under the tree and a table groaning with food; of course it is just commercialism wrapped up in tinsel.

Before I turn into Scrooge let me offer an alternative Xmas option; Kindness.

Be kind to friends, family and acquaintances; think beyond the knee jerk “better get something for Auntie Mabel”. What would Auntie Mabel like? A visit probably; or a letter or call, contact. A fancy candle doesn’t really cut it because no care has gone into the gift.
Have you ever noticed how food cooked with care and attention tastes wonderful? It’s the same with gifts and time spent with people; do things in the spirit of kindness it’s like being wrapped in a hug.
I recently lost my very ancient cat who has been with me for 19 years; my neighbour (who is a vet) did the deed he is a lovely kind man; Mia slipped away peacefully at home and as far as these things can be good it was perfect. For a small animal she has left a big hole, but everyone has been very kind to me and it does help so much.

Kindness and care cost nothing, won’t damage the planet and means everything. 

Kindness will be remembered for much longer than a hurriedly packaged last minute afterthought gift.
I hope you all have a wonderful happy and heart warming Xmas with your loved ones enjoy and appreciate your time together.
Happy Xmas and looking forward to a peaceful 2022

Mia 2001-2021