90 Days – What are you putting off?

Carol PlumridgeThoughts

What are you putting off?

This newsletter theme has been copied from a wonderful business coach called James Butler. On the basis that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery he was happy to let me use his theme.
Have you ever noticed how productive you are just before a holiday? It’s a very nice looming deadline; I have recently spent a few days in Venice and I was amazed what I got done just before I left. It’s like clearing the decks so that you can really enjoy your time off.
It’s about 90 days until Xmas (sorry folks!), that breaks down quite handily into 3 lots of 30 days, what are you putting off?
When are you going to do something about that niggle that wakes you up every night? How about that gym membership that needs USING, it’s no good bathing in the glow of having it.
Or do you need a bit of time to consider what you want for 2019? What makes your heart lift? What would you like more of, or less of for that matter?
On Xmas day what would you like to see that you have done, stopped doing or started to do?
It is really helpful to write everything down on paper and then pin it up somewhere where you can see it. If there is a relevant picture pin that up too; our brains are visual and images help you in the direction you want to go.
I have done a grid, three months, four columns, work, finance, health and leisure. I’ve put it on the board in the kitchen, I see it every day. I am the Queen of Procrastination and it’s this drift that undermines our efforts, tomorrow will do….. No it won’t!
Also when you have achieved something, cross it off your list, you get a spike of satisfaction when you do.
I feel so much better for having the plan in place, it gives me direction and focus. Also it helps tackle the scary things that I’d really rather not look at.
If you make a plan, remember to allow the planning for the next 90 days. I have given myself a carrot, I’m going back to Venice over Xmas; hopefully happy in the knowledge that my current list is all completed.

A recent client was singing the praises of Cadiz…..now there is a thought!