Video appointments now available.

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Online appointments/telehealth does it work? Over the past eight weeks I have been able to help clients with a range of different issues.  Of course this has been remotely either by phone or video. It has proved something that I have always suspected that treatment is more than just hands on.Firstly work out what the problem is, does the client need onward referral and … Read More

Are you sitting comfortably?

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Then I’ll begin….. This month I was due to attend a celebration of 40 years in practice with my peers, friends and colleagues. Well, as you can imagine that has been postponed. The actual graduation date is the 4th July (Independence Day!) 1980. I wanted to tell you the story of how I found Osteopathy back in 1976. It was shaping up to be … Read More

Threats and Opportunities

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Threats and OpportunitiesSo how does it feel to be living in interesting times? The trouble is it isn’t like being in a book where you get to find out the ending, we are just stumbling along trying to make some sense of everything. I have heard one or two bizarre theories as to why? One of which is the earth Gaia … Read More

Barriers and Boundaries

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Barriers and BoundariesProtection or defence? In these stormy times I was reflecting on fences (mainly because my fence is going to need some repairing). But rather than outside fences I was thinking about the inner ones.Do you ever feel like you are behind a wall? Are you aware of your boundary? And like Kings and Queens in ancient times do you defend that … Read More

How old are you?

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How old are you? What is your chronological age and what would you say is your mental and physical age?What was your reaction to the question and how do you feel about getting older? Fearful? Excited? Terrified? Are you blanking it out all together, pretending it won’t happen?What are the images in your head associated with older age? Feebleness, needing … Read More

Happy New Year

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What do we mean by Happy New Year? We say it often enough and it is important to wish people happiness. Do you wish yourself happiness, what would it take for you to truly have a Happy New Year? Not just January 1st but the year of 2020 and beyond? It’s quite easy to randomly think I’d like more money, holidays, chocolate, but it is … Read More

Fire Works

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 Bonfire night is upon us and it’s a magical evening, with its roots and rituals reaching back into antiquity, there is something very compelling about fire.Going out into the dark chilly night, wrapped up with scarves, hats and gloves, feeling the bite of cold on your face and joining the throng of others heading for the bonfire.The beautiful bonfire its … Read More

Keeping the workplace healthy

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Workplace Health Did you know that over 30 million working days were lost due to musculoskeletal problems including back pain, neck and upper limb problems in the UK*  One of the biggest issues is that we sit for far too long, in the car/train/bus commuting, at our desks all day and then relaxing in the evening. We also use escalators and lifts instead of stairs, thereby … Read More

Careless Talk

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Have you ever overheard criticism of yourself? Where someone says exactly what they think about you to a third party, unaware that you are in earshot.It’s not nice and I experienced it recently. There is the initial feeling of shock, hurt and deflation, your happy bubble has been rudely punctured,followed by what did I do wrong? Am I really a bad … Read More

String of Pearls

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How frantic do you feel? Do you have this sense of too much to do and never being able to quite get on top of everything? It’s October now, where has this year gone? Here we are hurtling towards the C word, via the B word (maybe) then suddenly another year is over, we are a year older and what do … Read More