Online appointments/telehealth does it work?

Over the past eight weeks I have been able to help clients with a range of different issues.  Of course this has been remotely either by phone or video. It has proved something that I have always suspected that treatment is more than just hands on.
Firstly work out what the problem is, does the client need onward referral and investigation? This can be easily arranged and at the present time surprisingly quickly.
So much of helping a person back to health and mobility is about education; both regarding the particular issue but also finding safe and appropriate ways to overcome the problem. Critically it is tailoring the solutions to each individual; finding what the specific issues are for them both physically and in their wider life.
It’s looking at stressors that are current but also from incidents in the past, both physical and mental/emotional and finding new ways of managing them.
An understanding of how pain works and looking at trigger factors to enable clients to self sooth, manage their pain and eventually say goodbye to it.
During the course of recovery rehab is important and incremental and varied strategies can be tailored towards clients specific needs.
Finally and probably most importantly reassurance; having a knowledgeable, listening companion to take the worry off your shoulders, helping you move towards reduced pain, increased mobility and well-being.
So yes, online consultations work very well and in fact telehealth is recommended in cases of chronic pain rehabilitation.
So I am offering video appointments via our booking system it’s very straightforwards and I follow up with email advice and exercises where appropriate. Click the book now button.

If you have any queries please email me.

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