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Unsure about something? If you cannot find the answer to your question here, give us a ring. I also offer 15 minute free consultations if you are unsure if osteopathy can help.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

There is no need to be referred by your GP first; some GPs will recommend osteopathic treatment. I have good links with local GP practices and also work from Patford House Surgery in Calne. If necessary I will contact your GP (with your permission). I cannot prescribe drugs, but can give off work certificates. .

Is Osteopathy suitable for all ages?

Osteopathy can be suitable for all ages. A full case history will be taken at the first consultation to assess whether it is safe to treat you. Not sure? Call 01249 655 088 for a free 15 min consultation to assess your specific needs.

What happens at my first appointment?

I will take a comprehensive case history, which will include questions about your current problem, any previous problems and a medical history. I will also ask about your work, lifestyle, leisure activities, exercise and also your emotional state and stress levels. I will then undertake (with your permission) a physical examination. This will help me to evaluate what is causing your problems and how they have developed. We will then discuss a personalised treatment plan for you, or if necessary discuss contacting your GP.

Is the treatment painful?

Treatment is not generally painful and most people experience relief following treatment. Occasionally people can feel a little discomfort 24-48 hours following treatment. This is normal and will soon pass; but if you are concerned please ring me. I will give you advice to help keep symptoms to a minimum. .

Do I pay for treatment each time?

Yes, you can pay with cash, cheques and credit or debit cards (sorry not American express).

Will my insurance company pay for my treatment?

Some insurance policies will pay for some complementary therapy treatment. Please contact your provider for details. We ask you to pay us and we will provide receipts to pass on to your provider. I’m sorry but I am not registered with AXA-PPP or Bupa.

Is Osteopathy safe?

Yes, osteopathy is a non-invasive and gentle treatment. It is remarkably safe and uses gentle manipulation and stretching of joints along with soft tissue massage. Any treatment risks will be explained to you before treatment and we can discuss any worries you may have. Osteopathy has helped millions of people over the years.

What training does an osteopath do?

Osteopathy was the first complementary healthcare profession to be accorded statutory regulation by the government. I qualified in 1980 and undertook a four-year full time training. I was awarded a diploma in Osteopathy (there were no osteopathic degrees at that time!). I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) reg no 1033. The GOsC protects patients by regulating and setting standards for osteopathic education, practise and conduct. I have to complete 30 hours of CPD (continuing professional development) annually to maintain my registration.

Is osteopathy safe during pregnancy?

Osteopathy is a gentle therapy and safe during pregnancy. In fact pregnancy is a great time to be treated as your ligaments soften ready for birth. Osteopathy can help your body adapt to the changes it is going through during pregnancy and also help any problems following labour.

Is osteopathy suitable for babies and children?

Yes, babies and children can be helped with osteopathy. Children’s bodies are very receptive to treatment and treatments used are very gentle. Call me for more information about cranial techniques and how children maybe helped.

Call for a free 15 minute consultation

Call 01249 655088 / 445426