Head, Shoulders, Knees and Hips

Are you a teacher or a therapist who gets asked about back and joint problems during your sessions?

Between 20-33% of people experience musculo-skeletal problems in their lifetime; exercise and talking therapies can help alleviate chronic musculo-skeletal problems.


• Do you feel overwhelmed or unsure how to tackle the problems that you are presented with?

• Do you know when to refer on?

• Would you like some help?

This course will:

1. Refresh your anatomical and physiological knowledge.

2. Teach you about common presentations of various conditions.

3. Help you assess what is the best course of action.

4.  Help you feel empowered!

Course content:

Session 1 - Low backs and the pelvis

Session 2 - Neck and shoulders

Session 3 - Hips and knees

Course venue: 

The Vitality Rooms, 4b Cavalier Court, Bumpers Way, Chippenham, SN14 6LH

Revised Course dates:

Session 1 : Saturday 18th January 2020  2-30-4.30pm

Session 2: Saturday 1st February 2010  2-4pm

Session 3: Saturday 14th March 2020   2.30-4.30pm

Cost:  £25 per session or book all 3 sessions for £70

Any questions or to book email info@carolplumridgeosteopathy.co.uk