I am donating to charity every time I complete a New Consultation appointment.

In 1996 I was lucky enough to have a holiday in Kenya. Whilst there I wondered how children progressed through education and into the world of work.  On my return I discovered the Langalanga charity. Langalanga is Swahili for round and round, as there was a car racing track in the Rift Valley area.

Initially I supported two children David and Dorcas. The sponsorship pays for the children to go to secondary school. The children board at secondary school and arrive with a huge trunk full of uniform, books, toiletries and other necessities. Shopping for all of this is great fun and organised like a military operation!

David has recently graduated from university and is working as an accounts assistant. He has grown and developed into a very confident young man. Dorcas is training as a teacher and doing really well.

In 2014 I started sponsoring two new scholars - Joseph and Margaret.  They have very successfully completed their first two years (of four) at secondary school. They both work very hard and are very grateful for the help so that they can study and improve their chances of work when they get older. I receive letters three times a year from the children and it is touching to receive their thanks and see their progress.

Having a secondary education and possibly leading to university gives the children a huge advantage in gaining work.

Update January 21: It turns out that Margaret and Joseph are brother and sister, looking at their photo's there is a resemblance. They are now both in their final year studying economics at Chuka university in Kenya. So there will be some sibling rivalry to see who does the best! I keep in regular email contact with them and they and their family are all well and safe.