Tackling Dementia – Helping yourself

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    Today The Lancet published some of the risk factors associated with developing Dementia. They are as follows mid-life hearing loss – 9% failing to complete secondary education – 8% smoking – 5% depression – 4% physical inactivity – 3% social isolation – 2% high blood pressure – 2% obesity – 1% type 2 diabetes – 1% Why are these … Read More

Getting fitter – a cautionary tale!

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Getting fitter a cautionary tale! I have recently become the owner of a Fitbit (other pedometers are available!). It would be true to say that at the moment I am a tad obsessed with it. The reason I bought it was to try to have an objective measure about my health, heart function and sleep patterns. I honestly think that there … Read More

Back Pain Facts

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An estimated 9,466,000 working days were lost due to work related muscle-skeletal disorder (WRMSD) in 2014/5. WRMSDs represent 40% of all days lost due to work related ill health in Great Britain. 31% of this total are due to back disorders, 2,857,000 days. That is a lot of backache. What causes of Back Pain? Mechanical problems with the back itself … Read More