The Body Electric

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The Body Electric The best thing that has come out of lockdown for me is being introduced to the works, thoughts and understandings of Lorimer Moseley and David Butler. Lorimer is a pain scientist and David an educator and all round good egg; their intellect, understanding, tireless work and great humour is a joy to witness. My good friend and colleague Sam and I … Read More

Why do things hurt?

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Why do things hurt? “I cannot understand why this has happened”Is one of the most common things I hear from clients, What is going on and why?We can shred ourselves trying to fit this puzzle together, why? Because if we can understand what has led to this problem then hopefully we can avoid it in the future. Talking to someone external can help to untangle the thoughts but also get a slightly more objective … Read More


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So the exciting news is that I am starting back face-to-face working on Friday 5th June.As you might expect it is a bit complicated and I am afraid you cannot just book an appointment online at the moment.I have to pre-screen clients first to (a). check whether a telehealth appointment would be more suitable and (b). the Covid-19 status of yourself and the family … Read More

Maternity Package

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I am very happy to be introducing my new Maternity package. Pregnancy is a time of a lot of change to the body in a relatively short time. Happily the female body is designed to manage it, but occasionally a little help is required. Pregnancy is also a great time to help aches and pains which may have been around … Read More

Helping Babies to sleep.

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When parents bring their babies for treatment we often talk about how the baby sleeps. This can be a really problematic area especially for first time parents. Nothing can really prepare you for having your first baby, despite how much you read or classes you go to. Suddenly you have this little life to care for that is totally dependent … Read More

Types of Arthritis

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ARTHRITIS:What does this conjure up for you? Ending up in a wheelchair? Crumbling bones? Loss of mobility. pain and disability……….There are several different types of arthritis and I will explain a little about the most common ones.Arthritis can be genetic (your genotype), but REMEMBER that how your genes manifest (your phenotype) is very varied. What will affect what happens to … Read More

Headaches and what to do about them.

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Do you suffer from headaches? What do you do to help them? You are one of the 90% of the population that suffer headaches at sometime. You may have discovered that there is a six month wait for a hospital referral and there are only 50 specialist centres for the treatment of headaches in the country. Of all headache sufferers, about … Read More

Your marvellous spine

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Lumbar spine

Your spine (or back) is a truly wonderful thing. We have a tendency to focus on what goes wrong with it and given that 30.8 million days were lost to back problems in 2016 that’s not surprising. The spine is a flexible container for the spinal cord, its function is both protective and supportive. When you were a 17 day old embryo you were a little … Read More

Feeling great? Or not………

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  Have you ever thought why sometimes you feel great, excited and happy and suddenly it becomes anxiety, you get palpitations and cannot sleep. Or how you can flip from a low mood to a more “Zen” like state. If you look at this diagram it can help you see the mix of elements that can alter how we feel. … Read More

Heart facts for Women

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Ok ladies here are a few facts about Women and heart disease that I think you should be aware of: Women are equally as likely to be affected by heart disease as men. 50% Women are MORE likely to be misdiagnosed than men when it comes to heart disease. 28,000 women die from a heart attack every year, that’s 77 … Read More