Resistant Materials

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Resistant Materials Very recently I have had to admit that a long term plan (over 3 years) isn’t going to happen. I have had my suspicions for a while, but a recent cascade of things going wrong has finally put the nail in the coffin of THE BIG PLAN. The signs were all there, lots of planning, talking to people, costing … Read More

When things go Pear Shaped

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The mindfulness also emphasises that we can only attend to one thing at a time, even us women and if you are really honest with yourself you know that is true. My car has broken down twice in a week and I have had to hire a car; it turned out to be a cute Fiat 500. It’s had a … Read More

90 Days – What are you putting off?

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What are you putting off? This newsletter theme has been copied from a wonderful business coach called James Butler. On the basis that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery he was happy to let me use his theme. Have you ever noticed how productive you are just before a holiday? It’s a very nice looming deadline; I have recently … Read More

Gaining perspective

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Gaining Perspective You are driving to work and you are late, you get stuck behind a tractor or a bus, how do you react? Somebody is rude to you in a shop or barges past you in the street how do you feel? You get a stroppy email from a friend or work colleague or you make a stupid mistake, … Read More

Life in Balance – finding the happiness inside.

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Life in Balance A few summers ago I went to a yoga retreat on a Greek island. The journey involved an eight hour ferry ride; most of us booked into the business lounge for a more comfortable ride. The weather decided not to cooperate and almost as soon as we left Pireaus the storm struck. Being in the front of … Read More

Valuing Vocations – going the extra mile.

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Despite falling church congregations the applications to train for the ministry are at an all time high. People from all walks of life from doctors to politicians are learning how to provide help and solace to the public. We need people with vocations, not just in the Christian sense; people willing to go the extra mile for someone. Can you … Read More

True Grit: Needed to make pearls

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Technology is developing at a breathtaking pace and we can now access any number of services online, use various different apps in order to make our lives smoother, more convenient and to save time. For what? Research shows that we seem to save time to work more. The lines between work and home are blurring, we can answer work emails on the … Read More

What’s filling your bucket? Why do you have symptoms?

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Then your bucket overflows….. People come to me with problems and they not unreasonably always want to know why? How is it that picking up that piece of paper caused my back to spasm? Why when I was doing so well, things went back to square 1? I got the ‘flu and now everything hurts; I’m just not getting better. It’s … Read More

Getting ready to go

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There is a pagan festival called Imbolc which occurs in the early spring. A yoga teacher of mine likened it to sitting on a toboggan at the top of a slope, just gently moving backwards and forward. Those moments just before you commit yourself and push off down the hill. Its potential energy, think about the earth, there may not be a lot … Read More

Feeling great? Or not………

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  Have you ever thought why sometimes you feel great, excited and happy and suddenly it becomes anxiety, you get palpitations and cannot sleep. Or how you can flip from a low mood to a more “Zen” like state. If you look at this diagram it can help you see the mix of elements that can alter how we feel. … Read More