Why did I become an Osteopath?

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Why did I become an osteopath? As with many things it was chance. In 1976 a friend and I went out one Friday night to a disco (translated club!). We bumped into an ex boyfriend of hers called Jamie Taylor. He was studying Osteopathy; I can remember sitting talking to him about it for ages. I then found out more … Read More

Skydiving for charity

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As you maybe aware Team APT threw themselves out of a plane recently. It was in order to raise money for the Wiltshire Air ambulance, but also to help the team to stretch their expectations of themselves.  I didn’t have to do it, but I thought that they are going to come back full of it and I would like … Read More

Improving life expectancy

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The average life expectancy is rising and like vintage cars we need to take more care of ourselves. I have long observed that the healthiest elderly clients eat well, keep socially engaged and interested in the wider world and exercise regularly. Exercise: Muscle can start to weaken in the 60’s this is the time to either start to get active … Read More

Being Sensible sigh!

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Do you get those days/weeks where everything goes to pot? When all your good sensible intentions desert you. Your exercise routine gets disrupted, you come home from work and just don’t feel like cooking. So you have some hummous, then some toast, cheese, biscuits, chocolate. Probably washed down with coffee, wine or beer. How do you feel afterwards? Not great … Read More

You’re in Good Hands

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You’re in good hands It typically takes 4 years to become a qualified osteopath, and requires over 1,000 hours of clinical training. We are also required to maintain our skills through ongoing training and professional development. Osteopathy is a regulated profession, with all osteopaths required by law to register with the General Osteopathic Council, who ensure that all osteopaths operate … Read More

Tackling Dementia – Helping yourself

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    Today The Lancet published some of the risk factors associated with developing Dementia. They are as follows mid-life hearing loss – 9% failing to complete secondary education – 8% smoking – 5% depression – 4% physical inactivity – 3% social isolation – 2% high blood pressure – 2% obesity – 1% type 2 diabetes – 1% Why are these … Read More

Getting fitter – a cautionary tale!

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Getting fitter a cautionary tale! I have recently become the owner of a Fitbit (other pedometers are available!). It would be true to say that at the moment I am a tad obsessed with it. The reason I bought it was to try to have an objective measure about my health, heart function and sleep patterns. I honestly think that there … Read More

Asking the right question

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I recently had an issue with the central heating. I tried to resolve it myself but had to ask the right question of a professional. After several calls to plumbers (including my brother!) and the boiler manufacturers I had no resolution to the problem. I booked an engineer to come and have a look. After a night sleeping on the … Read More

Chippenham Half Marathon

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Come and meet us on Sunday 4th September at theChippenham Sports field grounds. We will be available from 8.30am for advice and treatment to the athletes and their friends and families. The race starts at 9.30am and we have a lull before the competitors start to return. So if you would like some help and advice come on down, Its a … Read More

6 Top Tips for a new exercise regime

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Plan what you want to achieve and set goals. Take things steady build up slowly. Stretch after exercise, DO NOT be tempted to miss this out. Your muscles and joints will thank you for it. Keep hydrated before, during and after exercise. Enjoy what you are doing, choose an activity you like and you’ll be more likely to keep it … Read More

Back Pain Facts

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An estimated 9,466,000 working days were lost due to work related muscle-skeletal disorder (WRMSD) in 2014/5. WRMSDs represent 40% of all days lost due to work related ill health in Great Britain. 31% of this total are due to back disorders, 2,857,000 days. That is a lot of backache. What causes of Back Pain? Mechanical problems with the back itself … Read More