Helping Babies to sleep.

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When parents bring their babies for treatment we often talk about how the baby sleeps. This can be a really problematic area especially for first time parents. Nothing can really prepare you for having your first baby, despite how much you read or classes you go to. Suddenly you have this little life to care for that is totally dependent … Read More

Types of Arthritis

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ARTHRITIS:What does this conjure up for you? Ending up in a wheelchair? Crumbling bones? Loss of mobility. pain and disability……….There are several different types of arthritis and I will explain a little about the most common ones.Arthritis can be genetic (your genotype), but REMEMBER that how your genes manifest (your phenotype) is very varied. What will affect what happens to … Read More


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Winter! How does it make you feel? Does it make your heart sink or feel exhilarated? Are you one of the millions who suffer some degree of SAD syndrome? Winter gloom is characterised by an inability to look outwards; you get pulled into what is happening inside yourself. Which isn’t always the happiest place to be, it can all look … Read More

Feeling a bit Grinchy

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  Let me say from the outset that I am not anti Christmas. It is a high point in the Christian calendar and a great time to be with family and friends (if that is what you want to do). What I find increasingly irritating is the media/retail version of Xmas. The endless TV programmes about cooking the same meal … Read More

Resistant Materials

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Resistant Materials Very recently I have had to admit that a long term plan (over 3 years) isn’t going to happen. I have had my suspicions for a while, but a recent cascade of things going wrong has finally put the nail in the coffin of THE BIG PLAN. The signs were all there, lots of planning, talking to people, costing … Read More

Headaches and what to do about them.

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Do you suffer from headaches? What do you do to help them? You are one of the 90% of the population that suffer headaches at sometime. You may have discovered that there is a six month wait for a hospital referral and there are only 50 specialist centres for the treatment of headaches in the country. Of all headache sufferers, about … Read More

When things go Pear Shaped

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The mindfulness also emphasises that we can only attend to one thing at a time, even us women and if you are really honest with yourself you know that is true. My car has broken down twice in a week and I have had to hire a car; it turned out to be a cute Fiat 500. It’s had a … Read More

90 Days – What are you putting off?

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What are you putting off? This newsletter theme has been copied from a wonderful business coach called James Butler. On the basis that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery he was happy to let me use his theme. Have you ever noticed how productive you are just before a holiday? It’s a very nice looming deadline; I have recently … Read More

Gaining perspective

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Gaining Perspective You are driving to work and you are late, you get stuck behind a tractor or a bus, how do you react? Somebody is rude to you in a shop or barges past you in the street how do you feel? You get a stroppy email from a friend or work colleague or you make a stupid mistake, … Read More

Life in Balance – finding the happiness inside.

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Life in Balance A few summers ago I went to a yoga retreat on a Greek island. The journey involved an eight hour ferry ride; most of us booked into the business lounge for a more comfortable ride. The weather decided not to cooperate and almost as soon as we left Pireaus the storm struck. Being in the front of … Read More