Beautiful Webs

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I recently attended a 2 day pain course (virtually); which was excellent and extremely interesting.One of the attendee’s coined the phrase ‘a spiders web of complexity’ when talking about pain. I think this is a really apt description and is something I have observed for years; think about what happens when something lands on a spiders web, it could be a twig, a … Read More

Silver Linings

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I think we can all agree that 2020 has not been the greatest year and from conversations I have been having everyone is fed up with it all. Obviously coming into Winter doesn’t help and the constant debates about Xmas are unsettling. Everyone needs something to look forward to but I guess we all feel hamstrung by the confused rules and regulations. I have been trying … Read More

Re-arranging the furniture.

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Re-arranging the furnitureOne of the things about lockdown it has given those of us not working time to reflect and consider life, the universe and everything. I have had plenty of time to contemplate what does and does not work in my life. You know when your computer memory is too full and the computer function becomes very slow. It’s … Read More

Stop Shouting!

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Stop Shouting! We are living in a very fractured and increasingly strident world, where to get your point across you seem to need to shout more loudly. I started to write this before the less than edifying Presidential debate which is a case in point. What were they thinking? Were they thinking? In recent months I have been getting a bit disturbed … Read More

Keep your eyes on your paper.

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Keep your eyes on your own paper Thank you to James Clear for the idea for this months musings.  It isn’t up to us to judge what we do or offer or worry about what anyone else thinks about our work or actions. Someone else’s perception of what you do is a result of their own experiences (which are out of … Read More

Re-arranging the furniture

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Re-arranging the furniture Well you’ll (hopefully) all be pleased to know that you can now book in online, please read the information here; if you or family members are vulnerable or shielding either book a telehealth call or email/phone me for advice. One of the things about lockdown it has given those of us not working time to reflect and consider life, … Read More

Beating the Boggart

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Beating the Boggart For those of you who are not Harry Potter fans the Boggart is a shape shifter that takes on the form of your worst fears. It leapt out of a wardrobe and assumed different shapes. For Neville it was Professor Snape and for Professor Lupin a full moon.The spell to stop the Boggart was Ridickolos, on using the spell Professor … Read More


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So the exciting news is that I am starting back face-to-face working on Friday 5th June.As you might expect it is a bit complicated and I am afraid you cannot just book an appointment online at the moment.I have to pre-screen clients first to (a). check whether a telehealth appointment would be more suitable and (b). the Covid-19 status of yourself and the family … Read More

Video appointments now available.

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Online appointments/telehealth does it work? Over the past eight weeks I have been able to help clients with a range of different issues.  Of course this has been remotely either by phone or video. It has proved something that I have always suspected that treatment is more than just hands on.Firstly work out what the problem is, does the client need onward referral and … Read More

Are you sitting comfortably?

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Then I’ll begin….. This month I was due to attend a celebration of 40 years in practice with my peers, friends and colleagues. Well, as you can imagine that has been postponed. The actual graduation date is the 4th July (Independence Day!) 1980. I wanted to tell you the story of how I found Osteopathy back in 1976. It was shaping up to be … Read More

Threats and Opportunities

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Threats and OpportunitiesSo how does it feel to be living in interesting times? The trouble is it isn’t like being in a book where you get to find out the ending, we are just stumbling along trying to make some sense of everything. I have heard one or two bizarre theories as to why? One of which is the earth Gaia … Read More

Barriers and Boundaries

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Barriers and BoundariesProtection or defence? In these stormy times I was reflecting on fences (mainly because my fence is going to need some repairing). But rather than outside fences I was thinking about the inner ones.Do you ever feel like you are behind a wall? Are you aware of your boundary? And like Kings and Queens in ancient times do you defend that … Read More