Feeling great? Or not………

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  Have you ever thought why sometimes you feel great, excited and happy and suddenly it becomes anxiety, you get palpitations and cannot sleep. Or how you can flip from a low mood to a more “Zen” like state. If you look at this diagram it can help you see the mix of elements that can alter how we feel. … Read More

Heart facts for Women

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Ok ladies here are a few facts about Women and heart disease that I think you should be aware of: Women are equally as likely to be affected by heart disease as men. 50% Women are MORE likely to be misdiagnosed than men when it comes to heart disease. 28,000 women die from a heart attack every year, that’s 77 … Read More

Digesting your life.

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Have you every considered that you are like a compost heap? No, why would you? Well, possibly when you are sorting through the linen basket! Think back to events in your life, both happy and sad, exciting and difficult; how do you feel about them now? Have they changed the way you approach things, did you change your life completely? Have you ever had … Read More

Winter Solstice – How much is enough?

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Today is the Winter Solstice, the least amount of daylight in the year. Ancient cultures recognised and celebrated the solstice and built monuments to it like Stonehenge, Newgrange  and Matchu Picchu. It is associated with festivals of light, Hannukah, Divali, Christians believe in the light of the world coming at Xmas. The solstice taps into the deep fear within us … Read More

Paracetamol some facts and figures.

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Paracetamol Always check with a health care professional before taking medication. Some sobering facts about paracetamol. Paracetamol is not an anti inflammatory medication, its mode of action is unclear but it seems to have a comforting effect on people. There is very little difference in results when taking either paracetamol or anti-inflammatory drugs when you have low backache or osteoarthritis. … Read More

Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Some facts to think about.

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NSAID (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) Some facts for sportsmen and women. Here are some facts and figures about taking NSAID’s that you may want to consider. As with any drug treatment speak to a professional first, either a pharmacist, GP or practice nurse. 2002: NZ marathon 13% participants took NSAID’s before the race. 2002-3: 86% Italian footballers take NSAID’s … Read More

Overcoming resistance

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What do you ignore, or pretend it isn’t happening? Both of which can be a forms of resistance. How do you feel about changes in your body, whether due to ageing, injury or sloth? How do you deal with those uncomfortable feelings? My personal favourite is eating, not very happy? Eat something, angry? Eat something, cross? Eat something. You could … Read More

November newsletter

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Life Audit Have you ever sat down and really considered your life? Are you doing what you want to do? Are you able to? Do you kid yourself about things? My personal one is “oh yes I eat really well” When I looked back at the week there were quite a lot of ready meals…….. I have a close family … Read More

October Newsletter

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Not Drowning but Waving We’ve all had those times when life gets really choppy. There you are just bobbing along and suddenly hurricane Irma comes along and starts to hurl you about. This may be bullying, difficult work challenges, facing illness, unexpected bills, accidents or upsets in the family….add your own! How can we navigate these issues? I find it really helpful to … Read More

Whiplash Injuries

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  Whiplash Injuries  75% of car accident insurance claims cite whiplash injury. So what is a whiplash injury? It’s an injury to the neck (Cervical area), which is caused by a forceful movement, which can be forwards, backwards and sideways. The head moves in one direction and the seat belt stops the movement and the head flicks back in the … Read More