What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Osteopathy was the first complementary healthcare to be given statutory recognition by the UK government.

Osteopathy works with the structure and function of the body, and is based on the principle that the well-being of an individual depends on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, nervous system and connective tissues functioning smoothly together; to maintain good nerve function and blood and lymphatic circulation.

To an osteopath, for your body to work well, its structure must also work well. So osteopaths work to restore your body to a state of balance, where possible without the use of drugs or surgery.

Osteopaths use touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage to increase the mobility of joints, to relieve muscle tension, to enhance the blood and nerve supply to tissues, and to help your body’s own healing mechanisms.

Common physical ailments can be successfully treated using osteopathic techniques. These include back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches, arthritic pain and issues with knees, shoulders, hands and feet. Osteopaths have a thorough grounding in anatomy, physiology and pathology and can diagnose what is the problem. They also look to see why the problem has developed. Symptoms can take months or years to develop; they could be the result of an injury, or more likely a series of things. For example, reduced flexibility, poor posture, a minor illness and being stressed at work. Each of these things alone may not be a problem, but in combination can put a lot of strain onto the body and may well cause symptoms.

Using gentle manipulative techniques, stretching, soft tissue massage and exercises osteopaths treat the cause of pain rather than the symptoms. It is very important that once the symptoms have been addressed that we work to help keep you symptom free, by addressing the components that have contributed to the original problem. Good health is maintained by an active body and mind and by offering clients exercises and rehabilitation we can help you maintain good health and mobility.

Osteopaths work with people of all ages – from babies and children through to the elderly – to help them maintain their bodies, prevent problems and overcome the everyday aches and pains. We offer everything from advice and treatment through to prevention and rehabilitation programmes.

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Carol Plumridge DO

Carol Plumridge


Carol came to osteopathy after a chance meeting with an osteopathic student in a disco in Guildford in the mid 1970’s. She graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1980 and has been in practice ever since. During this time she has taught Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy at both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, been a director at the Greenwich Natural Health Centre, run the Park Lane practice for 12 years and now is bringing her skills to work at Active Potential Therapy in Chippenham.

Carol is still as enthusiastic about Osteopathy as it is a brilliant practical therapy that encompasses a solid training (4 years full time and over 1000 clinical hours), a sound grounding in anatomy, physiology, and pathology with an ability to assess a client’s problem by using skilled and focused palpation (touch) and an understanding of the factors that can cause problems to develop; which can encompass a person's health and lifestyle.

She enjoys working with clients and identifying the cause of the problem from the tissue that is hurting to the reasons why there is a problem. She has a great interest in stress and all its manifestations and helping clients to identify and manage their stress; which will make a huge improvement to their health and well-being.

Carol is a qualified yoga teacher. She is also a mother, avid reader and enthusiastic cook.

Osteopathy treatments for babies and children

Osteopathy is a gentle practice which is suitable for babies and children.

Cranial osteopathy is very gentle and effective.