On Isolation

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Well, it had to happen at some point a positive Covid test, despite PPE, inoculations, boosters, social distancing, mask wearing and trying to keep healthy.Ten days of isolation whilst not feeling 100% it’s been an interesting experience partly because I don’t think I’ve ever been ill for that long and the novel experience of having to manage my activity levels.  Of course not being able to go anywhere helps. Friends; neighbours … Read More

In the deep midwinter; thinking about the future.

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Thoughts of the Future Happy New Year; I hope you all had a peaceful and Happy Xmas. It’s an odd time of year, quiet and still outwardly very little happening, but what lies underneath? How many of you have planted bulbs? It is an act of faith and is such a pleasure when your work comes to fruition in the spring. I have shamelessly copied the idea of … Read More

All I want for Christmas

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All I want for Christmas I have found all of the media hysteria about Xmas quite irritating to put it mildly; there will be no turkeys or pigs in blankets; no plastic rubbish to put into children’s stockings.Xmas will be ruined….really? We only need to think back to last year when we would have been grateful to have shared Xmas with our families and … Read More

Time is waiting in the wings

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Time; is waiting in the wings**David Bowie This newsletter was inspired by Shoshana Boyd Gelfand on Radio 4’s Something Understood. We cannot taste, touch, smell, hear or feel time, but we are very conscious of it. Clocks, phones, alarms, deadlines, appointments, days, months, years and seasons time ticks by. Time was born at the same point as the universe at the big bang; interestingly in the … Read More

The Body Electric

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The Body Electric The best thing that has come out of lockdown for me is being introduced to the works, thoughts and understandings of Lorimer Moseley and David Butler. Lorimer is a pain scientist and David an educator and all round good egg; their intellect, understanding, tireless work and great humour is a joy to witness. My good friend and colleague Sam and I … Read More


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Heartbreak What with all this study of pain I thought I would have a look at emotional pain. Now scientifically this is a bit tricky; pain needs to be felt somewhere, it needs to be unpleasant and you want it to stop. So far so good, but you can locate pain in a specific area and know it’s pain (even though we now know … Read More

Because you’re worth it.

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A business coach I know decided at the age of 22 to retire at 50. He didn’t have children, move house often or get divorced, all expensive activities. He also studied investing and basically spent less than he earned. He was a great spreadsheet man and knew exactly how much he was going to need and created a plan to make it happen. Basically … Read More

On being engaged

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I recently went shopping in Bath, I was looking forward to being able to go into shops, be around people have a look at stuff. In three shops I experienced really quite poor service; in one it was so bad that I decided against my purchase. Had the assistant even made eye contact with me I would have bought the item. It has … Read More

Be still and know….or not

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We live with constant noise and distraction; life is lived at a pace that would have astonished our ancestors. Want to buy something? Two or three clicks and it’s on the way, hungry? Food can be delivered. Bored? TV, Streaming, Music, You Tube, FB, Tic Toc, Instagram, Podcasts. If you are older radio, newspapers, books, crosswords, jigsaws. Constant stimulation, endless messages to be … Read More

Why do things hurt?

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Why do things hurt? “I cannot understand why this has happened”Is one of the most common things I hear from clients, What is going on and why?We can shred ourselves trying to fit this puzzle together, why? Because if we can understand what has led to this problem then hopefully we can avoid it in the future. Talking to someone external can help to untangle the thoughts but also get a slightly more objective … Read More