When I started getting repeated episodes of acute lower back pain following a bad fall, a friend recommended Carol to me and, following just a few sessions, these episodes became less frequent and eventually disappeared altogether. Carol’s holistic approach and advice on exercises I could do at home after each session helped me to maintain this improvement in between visits, and thanks to Carol I am now much more aware of my posture and able to spot the early signs of stress pains and address them before they escalate.

My doctor tells me I have Occipital Neuralgia but apart from giving me pain killers ( with all kinds of side effects), he says there is no effective cure. After having several months of pain, I went to visit Carol after hearing her talk at a network meeting. She has seen me twice and I’m already feeling very positive because my pain is far less and on occasion completely gone. So thank you Carol, hopefully your treatment is going to be my answer.LM